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Tips To Find The Best Fire Sprinkler System

There are various types of fire sprinkler systems in the market and choosing the most suitable one needs you to be patient and do sufficient research. You need to match your available space to the fire sprinkler you intend to buy. There are also volume and response speed concerns that you need to settle before you decide which fire sprinkler system is best suitable for your needs. The automatic fire sprinkler system is rightfully regarded as a critical safety installation to protect life and equipment. Sprinklers are designed with thermal control elements with fusible glass bulbs or links. The thermal elements are designed to respond to abnormal changes in temperature caused by a fire breakout. Once a particular temperature is attained, the element is activated and this allows the contents of the sprinkler piping to be discharged. Depending on the type of fire sprinkler systems, the piping content can be pressurized by either gas of water. The following tips help choose the right fire sprinkler system.

There are many fire sprinkler systems and you choose the most suitable system depending on the environment, the protection preferences of the owner, and the hazard being protected. For example, there is a wet pipe which is an automatic sprinkler system usually encountered in the built environment. The wet sprinkler systems are usually filled with water when the system is operating normally and is designed to discharge water immediately the sprinkler is activated. The wet pipe sprinkler system is typically applicable in buildings that are climate controlled in and are only at temperatures exceeding around 40 F .The fire sprinkler installation states that the property owner is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the system environments. The temperature operating element in the fire sprinklers is fine-tuned to respond to fire breakouts but can also get physically damaged and this causes it to inadvertently discharge water.

The dry pipe fire sprinkler system, on the other hand, works below temperatures of 40 F.In the dry fire sprinkler system, the pipes are usually filled with air and nitrogen which are sufficiently compressed. In the event of a fire, the sprinkler’s thermal control element activates and the compressed gases in the system are then released. When the pressure in the system has dropped to a specific point, the dry valve releases water to the piping and has to be contained within heated enclosures. Dry pipe sprinklers filled with air are more prone to internal corrosion as compared to the wet sprinkler systems and therefore need extra considerations.

When choosing a sprinkler system, consult concerned technical experts within your company and outside. These experts will advise and guide you on the most suitable sprinkler system to install based on the size of your property and the risk conditions in the establishment. It is also important that you buy your fire sprinkler system from a reputable company. Go through the reviews and customers from their past clients and get your sprinkler system from a dealer with more positive testimonials.

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