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Safety Tips For Traveling In India

If you are thinking of planning for a vacation know that India should be among the countries that you should plan to go to because it is a really nice place. It is such a vibrant country that has so much to offer though there are so many hazards that westerners should be aware of if they are planning to travel to India. Guidelines which will help in preparing for a safe journey to India are mentioned in this article.

It is important for you to know that when it comes to Indians they tend to think that westerners are special than them. There is usually not much that you can do about this, so it is best to accept it, you may be asked to take photos with some of the local so prepare for that. If you are a female westerner people will stare at you a lot, therefore, avoid staring back because they might think that you are flirting with them. You need to ensure that you buy yourself a couple of sunglasses which you will wear when you are in India so that you can ignore the stares.

When you are in India, do not drink tap water as it is not safe for drinking. It wouldn’t make sense if you avoid drinking tap water, but you still drink things that have ice cubes in them because ice cubes are made of tap water, therefore, stay away from ice cubes as they are also not safe for consumption. The only water that you should drink is bottled water before you drink the water ensure that it has been sealed when and if you note that the seal has been tampered with don’t consume it because it might have been filled with water that is not safe for conception.

When you walk in the Streets of India as the possibility of you finding people smoking cannabis and hashish openly is quite high. Cannabis and hashish are not legal in India therefore if you are found in possession of them you will end up being jailed for a very long time in India. If you are lucky and you don’t end up being convicted, you will still be held for months waiting for your case to be heard by a judge. You shouldn’t get involved with cannabis or any other drug when you are in India.

Another thing that you should invest in is a cable lock which you use to lock your bags if you don’t want them to get stolen. Trusting people who you don’t know can be really hard, and that is why when you have such a cable you don’t have to worry because you can lock your bags on the hotel room and be confident that when you come back, you will still find them.

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