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Several Types of Pomades

Pomade is a hairstyling product that has been in existences since the Roman Empire. when you are looking forward to having a hairstyle with a shining finish, pomade is the product you should ask of your barber. The amount of shine in the hairstyle is proportional to the pomade that one uses hence more pomade more finish shine. Though used in different styles, it works best when used in combed styles. As a result of its effectiveness, people have preferred using pomades than going for gels and waxes. Unlike wax and hair gel, the balm has no chemicals and when used will give your hair a good texture. Discussed are the different types of salves and some benefits and shortcoming that will help you choose the right one for your hair.

The first form of pomade to find in shelves is the oil-based pomades. An excellent example of this pomade is that used in greaser hairstyle. Petroleum or grease is used in the oil-based pomade due to its ability to hold firm and make the hair look shiny. The other thing that you need to know is that oil-based cosmetics usually are less costly compared to the different types. The problem, however, comes when you realize that oil-based pomades are not soluble in water. The problem comes when washing it out as you will be required to use the stringent method that can lead to loss of even natural hair oil.

The other type is the water-based pomades. The grip of the water-based pomades is not the same as when you have used the oil-based pomades. However, you need to know that it gets better when you want to remove the water-based pomades in comparison to the oil-based pomades. The other thing is that you can change your ‘do’ in the cause of the day as much as you would like. There is the need to know that every guy love different hairstyles. For those who prefer changing their styles in days, you need to consider using the water-based pomades since they are easy to wash out.

The last type is the clay pomade. Pomade is also called clay, cream or paste. For this reason, clay pomade is not a famous brand among people. The clay pomade usually expands when it comes into contact with water hence more volume. As a result of these attributes, you will find that some men usually like it hence worth mentioning.

With all these types of pomades, there is the need to know the one that you like the most.

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