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Quick Recipes for Making Vinaigrette and Vinaigrette Variations

When it comes to homemade vinaigrette, the moment you start doing them, you can be sure to never go back. And the good news is that it’s so simple. It simply calls on you to assemble some of the basic ingredients and there you will be as good to go and end up with dressings that will taste infinitely better than the common store-bought dressings.

Talking of the vinegar and oil-based vinaigrette, these are known for being light, zippy and heart-healthy kinds of dressings. This vinaigrette is known for its uniqueness in qualities where we see a kind of salad dressing that is so great on greens, vegetables and as well can be used on fruits. The other good thing about vinaigrette is the fact that it is so easy to adjust to taste. Over and above this, the use of vinaigrette is as well a sure deal when you look at the fact that with them, you have no need to make use of any sort of preservative on them. Actually with simple refrigeration, you can be sure to have your homemade vinaigrette staying fresh and good for use for up to 2 weeks. This alone and there you will be with the kind of dressing that will go so well with all your salad top up needs. Read on and learn more on some of the vinaigrette dressing preparation, basics and ingredients.

In case you are looking at the traditional French vinaigrette, this will require a tablespoon of vinegar for every three tablespoons of olive oil. But where you are looking at the modern vinaigrette, the vinegar ratios may be a little bit higher though this often depends on individual tastes and preferences. There are some salads that may be doing well with such zingy dressings like kale salads and there are those that will want less of the vinegar taste especially for the mild greens like the spring greens.

Making vinaigrette is so easy. In case you have a jar that has a tight closing lid, this gets even all the more simpler. It gets even that simple looking at the fact that for this, all you need to do is to have all the ingredients put inside the jar, close the jar tightly using the lid and then shake it as vigorously as you can and there you will be on your way to doing your homemade vinaigrette dressing for your salads. A blender may only be a recommendation or a requirement for those who want to get such a thicker and more homogenous blend at the end of the day for their vinaigrette.

For the powdery seasonings, you may be well advised to have them sprinkled on top of the olive oil or vinegar mixture before you shake them for doing so afterwards adding oil, this leads to them forming lumps.

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