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Useful Tips for You When You Prepare BBQ

Sometimes you get requests to deliver BBQ wholesale for an occasion if ever you are a BBQ caterer. Whether you are already an expert in grilling or you are still new and just has your first request, here are some tips that are relevant in guiding you on how to correctly prepare the BBQ.

Keep Your Meat Clean

Your top priority when preparing a BBQ should be safety and cleanliness. It is important to keep your meat clean and cold until it is cooked and ready to be served. The significance of good food, safety, and preparation should not be taken for granted ever. If you are a BBQ catering service provider, you have to ensure that you practice hygienic food preparation.

Right BBQ Seasoning

Preheat the clean grill first then brush it with cooking oil. Afterwards, cover the grill and let it settle for 20 minutes, then clean the grill with a fresh damp cloth. The taste of BBQ will be great with the appropriate seasoning.

BBQ’s Lid Position

It matters where you intend to cook your BBQ, whether on the kitchen cooktop or in the oven, when choosing BBQ and deciding how to spice it. The BBQ lid could be up or down, in that case. The tip here for you is to consider what you will prefer if you will cook indoor.

Allow the Meat to Have Time to be Cooked

Do not turn around the meat all too soon. Give the meat some time and space to cook perfectly. Turn the meat just once. Additionally, avoid overcrowding the grill with meat so to prevent uneven cooking. Leave a 2 cm distance between each meat. Finally, it is important to check your gas first before you begin to cook to avoid interruption in your cooking in case the gas will run out.

Never Poke Holes in the BBQ

To retain the natural juices of the meat, avoid poking it. Avoid piercing the sausage skins, too. Instead of using forks, you can use spatulas and tongs. And last, avoid mashing down the burgers and meat because doing so drains the natural juice out of the meat and you will have to deal with dried meat.

Give it Time After Cooking

Once the meat is cooked, give it around 5 minutes to settle. While the meat is sitting, cover it loosely with a foil to keep it tender and juicy.

If ever you are not a BBQ catering service provider, you can still apply these tips when preparing a BBQ, but it is better if you will hire a BBQ caterer instead for your party so to save yourself time and from stress.

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